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When you don't have to go around the truth in fear of hurting my feelings but telling me straight up in the most loving way you know how.

But one thing is true for all of us.

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If you have a true friend, even if you move far away or just lose touch with each other, you will always be friends. July 30, 4 min read 1 Comment What does friendship mean to you? If a friendship between a man and a woman is built on strong and mutual trust that their bond is platonic, I think, a family-friendship is still possible.

The way I see it, when you're so young and you're so new to the world, you're happy to be friends with everyone. Because of a past incident, I fell out with virtually every single male friend I had, including him.

Friendship always played an important role for people It is obvious because people are social beings and they need to communicate. Great foundations of friendship and not coincidentally, other kinds of relationships too are built on loyalty, honesty, empathy, acceptance, love and the list just goes on.

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But not anymore. But I can never be so sure those would last, though I honestly hope our friendship would continue for as long as we live. Please contact This I Believe, Inc. I can do everything wrong but my friends sill stand next to me and are will to give me that second chance. Stays there, is there when you need support, beautiful and endless. I know she is the shoulder I can cry on when I need to. But I think the single most important ingredient is trust. After loosing and gaining so many friendships I realized that a friend never leaves you, a friend is supportive, caring, and someone who gives you tough love when needed. Friendship is not caring how you look or feel because your bestie will take care of you no matter what. Friendship is choice. The time came when I needed my friends more than ever and no one was there for me, I really could not believe that girls that I had known for years could so easily do what they had done. My story is this that day I knew I found the best friend I will ever have. For me, a truly worthwhile friendship is one where both parties look at the bond in the same light — a shared understanding of what the connection truly means. A friend is someone who can make you smile during the worst of times, and think during the hardest of times.

Though when you think on it. It is still too early to tell if anything substantial would come out of this venture. However, I still feel the need to be kind to others but stay away from this type that you think you may be helpful to, but really you're teaching them it's ok to treat you like crap.

It is generally believed that friendships are relationships between people who share the same feelings, interests and attitudes.

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I have worked hard for my close friends that I do have now and never plan on losing them. To reach the top you have to put effort and dedication into it.

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