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Initially the book was denounced as an attack on the patriotic motives of the framers of the Constitution.

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To supply an economic determinist social science research strategy, Beard conceived "an economic biography" of an estimatedmen connected with the framing and adoption of the Constitution. The bee fertilizes the flower it robs. Admitting his inability to "discover all-pervading determinism in history," Beard disavowed the Marxian idea that American history could be fully explained in economic terms.

Searching for "a moral standard to which all mankind can repair," Beard dabbled in the philosophy of history and got carried away with Benedetto Croce's theory of historical relativism. Beard and his wife, Mary R.

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What he overlooks is the decisive role the protection of property played in republican theory as a bulwark against political abuse. It remains to be seen whether, as Brian Balogh, a Beard admirer, puts it, "charismatic leaders like Barack Obama" will be able to "jump-start" the cycle of continued growth of centralized national authority predicted by the "remarkably resilient interpretation of American political development originally crafted by Progressive era activist historians like Charles Beard.

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He was awarded the doctoral degree in for his Oxford research on the office of justice of the peace in England and joined the political science faculty. Every fundamental appeal was directed to some material and substantial interest: to the people at large, who sought protection against invading armies; to the commercial classes, whose business would be ruined by the follies of the Confederation; and to holders of depreciating federal securities, and creditors seeking relief against paper money. McDonald admitted the significance of economic forces in constitution making and replicated Beard's research protocol. This article appeared in: Vol. The bee fertilizes the flower it robs. How did he ascertain this motivation, or think it could be proved? Beard, subsequently produced a monumental synthesis of the history of the United States entitled The Rise of American Civilization, 2 vol. Brown and Forrest McDonald. Upon the book's publication, Republican notables such as William Howard Taft and Elihu Root attacked it for unpatriotic desecration of the Founding Fathers' statesmanship. American historians came to see [ Charles A. In , after a series of conflicts with the university's conservative administration, he resigned from the Columbia faculty to go on to bigger things as an intellectual reformer-entrepreneur in the United States and abroad. Swisher said "the rough treatment" Beard received did not negate his achievement in bringing the economic question into play in searching for the origins of constitutions, in contrast to "sources in divinity, racial superiority, and in other areas. In he began writing a series of books and articles in which he attacked President Franklin D.

Beard relished the criticism from politicians, and was undeterred by the judgment of professional peers. In thrall to the doctrine of legal realism, Beard denied the legitimacy and authority of the Constitution as fundamental law.

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The Beard Thesis and the Seinfeld Defense