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See Appendix B for the evaluation form. It should be addressed to the Co-op Coordinator and include the following information: Your name and student number Name of employer and name of supervisor Position held Relationship between work performed and the submitted documents if any The work term completed first, second, etc.

Report Content never submit reference manuals, user or configuration guides design documents are only acceptable if the bulk of the report focuses on the rationale for design decisions as well as your role in those decisions specifications or requirements documents: unacceptable, unless the majority of the document explains in detail the rationale for the requirements and your role in the creation of the document we are unlikely to accept reports where you have simply gathered information on a certain topic Reports edited by company staff are not acceptable, unless they were reviewed only for confidential reasons.

You may shrink the font, within reason, to allow the log to fit on one page. Writing help We recommend that you have your work-term report reviewed and critiqued by the Academic Writing Help Centre AWHCyour employer, a professor, friends or family.

Report Type 2: Confidential report We recommend that students choose topics and material that do not contain any information of a proprietary nature.

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Do not add additional material just so the report is the required length, instead expand on the discussion to meet length requirements or choose another topic for the entire report. WkExp Technical Report and Report Evaluation Form Technical reports that are to be graded by Faculty are due in the Co-op Office by the end of the first week of classes following the work term. You can also use the letter to pass on any further information regarding the work term or the report. However, since servers go down and e-mail gets dropped, this is the secondary notice mechanism. Depth The work in the assignment is supported by analysis and scholarly references. In this type of report, the student is required to summarize his or her work-term project. The Co-ordinator will either review the report or assign it to another for a review, but come to a conclusion whether the mark should go up, down, or stay the same.

Deadline and submission The work-term report is to be submitted online. The Coordinator will then indicate whether you are on the right track. In the end, you remain responsible to ensure that your final report meets the requirements.

Relevance The content of the report must be relevant to the work term. Note that clicking in the triangle in any of the Work Reports or Mark Form Status column headers, the application will sort the rows according to that column.

Avoid listing research and researchers.

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Timeline Writing and submitting the work-term report is best done over the course of several months.

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Work Term Report Guidelines