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Trends in the natural environment: 1. These forces can change the market dynamics and marketers can face both opportunities and threats from them.

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The five steps are fundamental in the achievement of each step and may develop each other in some form: The first step of the environmental scanning process requires the identification of the needs and the issues that have occurred that caused the organization to decide an environmental scanning is required.

It is key for a marketer, especially in a digitally-dominated market, to anticipate demand in order to capitalise on potential market growth. The rich has gotten richer, the middle class has shrunk, and the poor have stayed poor.

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Computer systems have also contributed substantially to the growth of various forms of direct marketing such as direct mail, direct response marketing etc. No single competitive marketing strategy is best for all companies. Management creates appropriate steps that will position the organization in the current business environment.

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It also requires a company to stay ahead of others and update their own technology as it becomes outdated. By doing so, they can create the kind of environment that they will prosper in and can become more efficient by marketing in areas with the greatest customer potential.

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International markets include buyers in other countries and includes customers from the previous categories. Technology is one of the biggest sources of threats and opportunities for the organisation and it is very dynamic. Macro and micro environment comprise the structure of the marketing environment. A companys marketing environment consists of the actors and forces outside marketing that affect marketing managements ability to build and maintain successful relationships with target customers. The last concern, government intervention can make it increasingly harder for a company to fulfill their goals as requirements get more stringent. It comprises of external forces and factors that are directly related to the business. Nevertheless, the internal marketing environment is as important for the business as the external marketing environment. They must stay informed of trends so they can be part of the next big thing, rather than becoming outdated and suffering the consequences financially. Submit Feedback. The key elements of marketing environment are as follows :- Internal Environment, Macro Environment. Changing Consumer Spending Patterns Food, housing, and transportation use up and about the most household income. The external sources aren't always those in a published form and can include verbal sources such as ' word of mouth '.

The micro environment refers to the forces that are close to the marketing organization and directly impact the customer experience.

Political Environment: The political environment consists of factors related to the management of public affairs and their impact on the business of an organisation.

When conducting business in the United Kingdomthe government is committed to ensuring the best possible platform to start and grow a UK digital business, [8] therefore Internet Governance becomes a vital force in the management and control of the growth of the internet and its usage [9] The final aspect of the macro-environment is the social environment, which consists of institutions and basic values and beliefs of a group of people.

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This is different from the reseller market which includes businesses that purchase goods to resell as is for a profit. Some of the important factors and influences operating in the social environment are the buying and consumption habits of people, their languages, beliefs and values, customs and traditions, tastes and preferences, education and all factors that affect the business. Computer-aided design CAD and computer-aided manufacturer CAM have shortened the time required for new products to reach the market and increased the variety of products that can be produced cost effectively. These are as follow: 1. Suppliers Suppliers provide the resources needed by the company to produce its goods and services. The Companies Act 7. In order to operate and stay in the market for long, one has to understand and analyze the marketing environment and its components properly.
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Marketing Environment (Study Notes)