Writing and editing for kids

Then, later that day or on another day, bring the text back and show students how the author uses commas in a list. If so, is there a way to make the point once?

Want to listen to this post instead of reading it?

Writing and editing for kids

Our writing has great meaning and a purpose. Want to listen to this post instead of reading it? Doing either while writing can slow down the process. Have them take a finished or partially completed piece of how-to writing and add a list of supplies with commas. Thanks for sticking with me! Teach editing in context, rather than through isolated grammar exercises. Using a revising and editing table in my classroom made a HUGE difference for my students — they were much more likely to find and correct mistakes in their work! U is for Understanding: Are there still any places that might be confusing to your reader? Why self-editing is hard for kids … and how to make it easier! Editing involves reviewing spelling, punctuation, capitalization, sentence structure, and grammar, and correcting any mistakes. The bottom line is and this is backed by research , editing needs to be taught in the context of real writing, not through disconnected grammar drills. This skill fits perfectly into a how-to writing unit , so you plan to teach it during that unit. There's quizzes, guides, and even vintage grammar guides so you can investigate the history of grammar.

This was his rough draft after we went through it. The important thing is just to get the words down on paper.

teaching students to edit their writing

Do lots of modeling and thinking aloud, so that they really learn how to use the rubric as a tool. Pretty simple, right? Our goal has been to SHOW you some simple ways that you can teach writing to your child…from brainstorming a topic and now, to editing.

Start with C is for Capital letters. My Toolkit also has additional options for Conventions Cards.

editing checklist

Every writer should hold off on editing and revision until a first draft is finished. I like using a colored marker or pencil because it helps the corrections stand out from the original rough draft.

For example, during one pass, she would only check description. If they don't use them, the reader can't see where they've used other academics' ideas.

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Help a Child Edit and Revise